Our Services

Fast, Secure Delivery Of Legal Documents

We will attend any location on your behalf to obtain statements or make any other verification you may require. This may be in the form of surveillance, taking photos, making sketches and tracing other witnesses. Our experienced Investigators are able to conduct all forms of interviews with potential witnesses as well as gathering supporting evidence. In more difficult cases, we have skilled Private Investigators who are able to successfully trace people where there is minimal information, enabling us to present you with the information that you require. In most cases, it is almost always possible for our Private Investigators to trace people successfully, even the most difficult to find people who are attempting to remain undetected.

Service Anywhere In England & Wales

Process Servers, International Process Servers are one of the largest process serving companies in the UK with over 250 process servers based in the UK  alone and ready to act on your instruction. Although we work all over the world we predominately operate in England and Wales serving papers for individuals and local authorities alike. We operate a fast, professional service giving you instant notification of delivery direct to you and or your office.

24 Hour Manned Helpline

Here at Process Serve we understand how important it is for you to be in contact with us as much as required, we have a dedicated 24 hour manned helpline ready to take your call. We are here to advise and update you as much as possible.

International Process Servers , Worldwide Document Service

Process Servers, International Process Servers Process Servers and Investigators available worldwide, we have been successful in serving our clients for over 25 years.Our experienced and fully trained agents are also able to compile detailed statements, so should you need further supporting evidence, our agents will utilise all the appropriate resources to obtain these for you with complete accuracy. Please see the list of Countries we can serve your documents or obtain statements in. All enquiries are dealt with in complete confidence.

Statement Taking Service

Process Servers take great pride in our professionalism when it comes to Statement Taking and as specialists in assisting the legal profession, will ensure that we obtain all the facts correctly, keeping you fully updated on our progress. With full understand of the law and the Legal process,all of our specialist agents have vast experience in the taking of Statements, having a background in both the Military and the Police Service, whilst others come from accredited commercial routes. We fully understand the importance of obtaining as much relevant information as possible and will record the statement with complete accuracy in order to present the client with the most comprehensive evidence in support of the case in question.

All our agents are trained in obtaining statements in a professional, courteous and tactful manner.